Why Buy a Note?

  1. To obtain a continuous stream of interest bearing payments.
  2. To have peace of mind knowing the Payor is highly motivated to “pay as agreed”. Payors do not want to lose their property.
  3. And, to recieve higher return on your money than the note’s interest rate, since the note is purchased at a discount.

Getting started. What is involved?

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We would need to know the size and type of Note you would like. Notes of all sizes are available. There are Notes with large purchase down payments and with little down; Notes where the property includes a home, rental units, bare land or commercial use. There are many variations.

Once we send you several choices that match your interests and once we have the Note seller’s approval, we open an escrow and send you closing documents to sign. You would then send a cashier’s check to the title company with the escrow instructions to “close”. When escrow is satisfied, including a policy of title insurance, a Notification Letter will be sent the Payor advising them of the name and location to pay the new Beneficiary, you.

Why buy Notes from Al and Jenny?

Al and Jenny work out of our home/office in Sonoma County, CA, where we almost exclusively spend our time finding seller carry-back first Notes secured by real estate. If we were buying a Note for the first time, we would want a “basic” introduction, including who Al Stoll and Jenny Honey are, what a Note is, how to evaluate a Note, as well as an understanding of the steps to purchase a Note.
As you can see from our resumes, we are both licensed California Brokers. We have been a member of the BBB for 31+ years with no complaints, specializing in selling “seller carry-back Notes”. Al graduated from University of California Hastings School of Law in 1990, totally due to his interest in “secured transactions”. He did not take the State Bar, never tried or intended to practice law. At age 50 he was only interested in knowledge of property law and the legal instruments associated with Notes, not winning “cases”.

After many years of selling real estate and being a general contractor, he knows what gives property its market value, whether it is location or the improvements thereon.

We have sold millions of dollars of Notes to institutions; recently, now, we both work almost exclusively with private Note buyers such as you. We have twenty plus years of selling Notes to corporations. The gratification of helping individual buyers is more mentally present, it seems, than when selling to large corporate Note buyers. Why Al and Jenny? Our opinion: Direct availability, education, fun and a lifetime of Note experience.

Our company is named Title Investments, Inc. We were incorporated in 1987, twenty-nine years ago. We are licensed through the California Bureau of Real Estate. (Corporation BRE # 00960402) (Broker BRE # 00428920)